Amat Metalplast
Amat Metalplast



AMAT METALPLAST S.A. was created in 1927 by Frederic Amat. The company settled the Sants district of Barcelona to devote himself to the casting of non-ferrous metals. In 1980 we moved to Papiol and in 1992 the company was renamed by its current name.

Currently we specialize in manufacturing parts lead to radiation protection and radioactive waste management, in manufacturing drag boats (dagger boards and bulbs), ballast and diving in the manufacture of anodes for electroplating among other assignments tailored to the needs of each client.

In recent years, AMAT METALPLAST S.A. We have open borders and we are marketing our products outside the local area, exporting a significant part of our production. Also, we are opening the manufacture and use of new non-ferrous metals that allow us to get into new markets.