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Lead anodes
Lead anodes
Lead anodes
Lead anodes
General description

Amat Metalplast has a long-term experience in the manufacture of lead anodes.

Our extrusion press, developed by Amat Metalplast, enables the manufacturing of homogeneous, high density and fine-grained pieces while guaranteeing even wear of our products and a long service life. This machine allows us to maintain this uniformity in very long pieces.

At Amat Metalplast, we work continuously to improve our production process. This enables us to provide every customer with specific solutions, extremely tight deadlines and very competitive prices in products of the highest quality.


Special mention should be made of those products used in the hard chrome process, but we also manufacture models that are used in aluminium anodizing, steel treatments, as well as many others in the field of surface treatment and galvanization.


Any of our models can be manufactured with the following compositions: Pb, Pb/Sn, Pb/Sn/Ag, Pb/Sb or many others, according to the client’s requirements.

With regard to the manufacture of anodes, we work with companies that offer the greatest guarantee and provide us with certified raw materials fulfilling the required degree of purity. Our ISO certification demands of us to control materials and the maintenance of material traceability. This is why, at our clients’ request, we can issue certificates stating the quality of our raw materials.

Advantages of Amat Metalplast Anodes

· The most demanding existing guarantee of the metals used.
· Extrusion pieces over 10 m long are available.
· Wide range of hooks and connection systems.
· Fast delivery.
· Absolute flexibility in design and composition.


We manufacture using round, square, rectangular, grooved, bone-shaped profiles… Models are as different as our clients’ needs and specifications.

Delivery time

Usual delivery time: two weeks.