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Radiation Shielding
Lead bricks
Lead bricks
Lead bricks
Lead bricks
Lead bricks
Lead bricks
General description

Lead bricks are ideal for radiation shielding, x-ray and imaging facilities, nuclear plants, hospitals, laboratories. Also is an excellent shielding against electromagnetic radiation (gamma and X-rays) due to its density of 11.33 g/cm3, high atomic number, degree of stability and also because it is so easy to work with. From an economic point of view, its availability and cost make it very attractive in comparison with other elements of similar density.

For those situations requiring a higher shielding level, fixed lead screens of variable thickness are used, which are very heavy unit pieces. As an alternative to these screens, we can offer lead bricks which, available in several widths, allow to achieve the appropriate protection level. Being smaller pieces, bricks make that assembly, disassembly and reinstalling operations for any permanent or temporary shielding become easier.

Amat Metalplast’s bricks are manufactured by an extrusion process followed by mechanisation. This process ensures homogeneity of composition and precision of dimensions. Therefore, bricks have a smooth, clear and non-porous surface.


Bricks are made of lead, with a purity of 99.985%, alloyed with 4% antimony. This formulation complies with rule UNE 37-223-83 and with the European standard (ISO 7212 - 1986 and ISO 9404 - 1991) about this subject.

The purpose of antimony is to grant hardness to bricks, so that constructions are stable, and avoid deformities in case of impacts during construction.

There are other possible compositions according to our client’s requirements.


Brick leads are pieces intended to the construction of both temporary and permanent screens and shieldings as a protection against radiation action.

Delivery time

Usual delivery time: 2 - 3 weeks.

Parallelepiped (rectangular) brick

We can offer a wide range of dimensions, thicknesses and forms, which are tailored to meet your needs.

We offer the following standard models:


Height Length Weight
50mm 100mm 100mm 5,65Kg
50mm 100mm 200mm 11,3Kg
30mm 100mm 100mm 3,39Kg
30mm 100mm 200mm 6,78Kg

Lead bricks