Lead Keel

Nautical counterweights

Project: Mentha
Manufacture of a 3,800 kg keel
Boat: Beneteau First 45F5
Engineering company: Teixido Harrold Yach D



Project: Tronko
Manufacture of a 3,500 kg keel
Boat: Wauquiez Centurión 45s



Project: Movistar
Manufacture of a 2,500 kg keel
Boat: Sinergia 40
Shipyard: Inaxpo

General description

Lead is the heaviest of materials usually available. Its density of 11.3 g/cm3 makes it the ideal material for use as ballast of boats. 

A lead keel would be about twice the weight than the same piece made from cast iron. This ensures greater stability and the use of a more efficient keel, since it has a smaller volume and provides the same performance.

Delivery time

Usual delivery time: 4 weeks

To request an estimate:

· Send a 3D drawing of the piece.
· Indicate approximate weight.
· Indicate antimony  percentage (between 2 and 4%).