Lead plate for Water-proofing and sound-proofing

Lead plate
Water-proofing / Sound-proofing
Water-proofing / Sound-proofing
Water-proofing / Sound-proofing
General description

Lead is a material that, when applied to construction and building, has an excellent behaviour due to its characteristics: water-proofing qualities, corrosion resistance, malleability, sound-proofing capacity, incombustibility and ease of coupling and assembly.

Another remarkable feature is lead resistance over time. Lead in the shape of sheets, as a roof or a dove covering, is atmospheric corrosion resistant because it creates a protection film in the contact of the oxygen and carbon dioxide of the atmosphere.

Lead plates for water-proofing

Lead sheet is an extremely useful material for the construction of protection and water-proofing elements, particularly when attachment is necessary to existing structures, because it is when the material malleability is used to its maximum effect.
It is currently used for the water-proofing of façades and roofs.


Roofs, cornices, terraces, balconies and gutters in order to ensure water-tightness of chimneys, dormer windows, door roofs, balustrades, as well as railings and rainwater drainpipes. It is also very used in the water-proofing of bathrooms, ponds and fountains.


Lead, due to its density and lack of rigidity, turns into a much more effective barrier against sound transmission than any other type of sheet used in construction. Lead is an excellent acoustic insulation, particularly at low frequencies.

Widely used in recording studios, radio and TV, discos and music bars, lead is most effective for the removal of the annoying noises produced by lifting equipments or collective heating equipments. It is also the definite solution for the soundproofing of shutter boxes and the elimination of any night noise.


STANDARD formats are the following:

Length (mm) 5000
Width (mm) 1000
Thickness (mm) 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 4 5
Weight (kg/m2) 12 18 24 30 35 46 58

Approximate weights

5 x 1 m lead sheet delivered on pallets and rolled up like a carpet.

It is also used as:

· Anti-humidity barrier and protection in sills, openings, chimneys, etc.
· Seat plate.
· Barrier against sound transmission.
· Basin, sink, pond and fountain coating.

Delivery time

Standard formats are always available for immediate deliveries. Ask for delivery times when dealing with customised orders.


Lead plates comply with European EN12588 standards, stating that minimum Pb content is 99.77%.


At our clients’ request, we can provide them with the appropriate Quality Certificate.

Lead plates for water-proofing