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Staines glass windows
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Lead profile
Lead profile
Lead profile
Lead profile
General description

Lead ductility and its resistance to the effects of time and weather conditions have made that lead profile becomes the ideal support for stained glass windows.

Amat Metalplast produces extruded lead profiles that later on are used to create or restore some of the most admired stained glass windows in our country.


The total lead content of our profiles is 99.985%, but sometimes we carry out special alloys according to our clients’ request.

Available models

Two formats are available: 8 x 4 and 10 x 5

Profile forming

Profile must be subject to a subsequent stretching or forming process before its final application.

Our regular clients have the mechanism to carry out this work. Should you need assistance in locating a company that can perform this operation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Delivery formats

Delivered in spools, up to 25 kg, or cut into strips.

Delivery time

Usual delivery time: 1 - 2 weeks depending on the product.