Lead and PB/TIN solder

Soft solder
Lead solder
Lead solder
General description

By means of the so called soft solder, joints are made in which the filler material has a lower melting point than the base material.

When dealing with soldered joints, the base material does not melt and the filler material is melted and then distributed by capillary action between the joint surfaces, very close to each other.

Lead solder

Lead content is 99.985% for lead and/or copper solder.

TIN/Lead Alloy solder
Sn Pb  
33% Remaining content Lead plumbing, bathrooms…
50% Remaining content   Stained glass windows, funeral industry, Tiffany
60% Remaining content Copper-brass solder

Delivery format

Any format delivered: from 250 g reels to 25 kg spools or custom-cut rods.

Delivery time

Usual delivery time: 1 - 2 weeks.