Lead wire

Lead wire for several applications
Lead wire
Lead wire
Lead wire
General description

Lead wire is made through extrusion. The press pushes the material towards a line or die, providing the desired cross-sectional shape, round-shaped in this case.


Lead wire composition meets each client’s requirements and applications. Composition is not relevant for counterweight use and lead production will be carried out with a lead content above 97%.

For other applications, we can start with a lead content of 99.985%. Additionally, 3% - 5% antimony is added to increase the material hardness.

Measuraments, formats

Lead wire is made through extrusion. Tool arrangement enables us to offer almost any measurement from 1 mm up to lead bars of 150 mm.


There are several applications.

It is used as ballast material for precision machinery, measurement elements, control of fluids, etc.

The checking of pressing machinery, die-stamping machinery, etc.

Lead wire is also used in the manufacture of sport shooting projectiles.

Delivery formats

Deliveries ranging from 250 g reels up to 25 kg spools. Lead wire also cut into metres.

Delivery time

We have a wide range of different qualities. We prepare lead wire in our warehouse for immediate delivery. Usual delivery time: 1 - 2 weeks.