Lift counterweights

Lift counterweights
Lift counterweights
Lift counterweights
Lift counterweights
General description

Applied to the Lifting Equipment Industry, the use of lead means valuable space saving. In order to obtain the same weight, a counterweight made of lead occupies a volume over 40% less than a piece made of iron.

At Amat Metalplast we fit to each customer needs: from serial production to unique and singular pieces. We offer our standard models for immediate deliveries at the lowest cost, or we design custom‑made pieces to meet specific needs.


Lift counterweights (especially in limited space), machinery, trains, cranes, light trucks, etc.


For these and other ballast applications, we can use any of our manufacturing processes and choose the most suitable one for meeting our customer’s needs: free-form, extrusion, injection or centrifugation moulding, plus any kind of subsequent finishing process.


For this specific application, composition is not considered relevant, but the minimum lead content is 97%. 

Delivery time

Usual delivery time: 1 - 2 weeks.

Lead shots