Lead is the heaviest of materials usually available. Its density of 11,3 g/cm³ makes it the ideal material for use as ballast in boats. In AMAT METALPAST S.A. we can offer you a wide range of products for nautical counterweights like lead bulbs, lead keels, nautical lead shots, customised ballast pieces and nautical lead ingots.

Lead bulbs
Lead Bulbs

By incorporating a lead bulb, the centre of gravity lowers and the distance between the centre of gravity and the centre of buoyancy grows...

Lead shots
Lead shots

The main advantage of using a lead shot, versus a piece of lead, is that it can practically be used as a liquid because it adapts to the container...

Customised-ballast pieces
Customised ballast pieces

Lead keels are more efficient, since due to a lower volume (smaller wet surface and less friction) they can ensure greater stability to the boat...

Lead keel

A lead keel would be about twice the weight than the same piece made from cast iron. This ensures greater stability and the use of a more.....