Lead shot

Nautical counterweights
Nautical lead shot
Nautical lead shot
Nautical lead shot
Nautical lead shot
General description

Lead is the heaviest of materials usually available. Its density of 11.3 g/cm3 makes it the ideal material for use as ballast or counterweight in the widest variety of applications.

The main advantage of using a lead shot, versus a piece of lead, is that it can practically be used as a liquid because it adapts to the container to be filled, thus allowing an easy material recovery for subsequent works. At a rough estimate, it is considered that when using lead shots, the free space among balls reduces density to 7 g/cm3, instead of the usual 11.3 g/cm3 of lead.


Boat ballast and balancing. The use of lead shots, mixed with glues or resins, allows ballast location in certain places that do not reduce the useful space on the vessel.


Composition is not relevant for this application. Minimum lead content of 97% is used.

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